iCube Control Products | The heart of the system

The iCube Control Products are machine controller for motion, logic, kinematics, safety, security and more. They are ready for any challenges you’ll face, including those you don’t even know about yet.


Yaskawa Triton processor

3-core ARM processor with a clock speed of 1.26 GHz

Developed specifically for demanding synchronous motion tasks

Lower power dissipation than other chips


Network communication

OPC UA, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET Controller and I-Device, IO-Link, EtherCAT


Open Programming

IEC61131-3 with PLCopen function blocks, structured text, or SFC Programming

Create libraries with C#, C++, Lua, Python, MATLAB Simulink®


Modular design

Scalable performance on a real-time Linux system

Use standard I/O slices for local I/O


Safety over EtherCAT

FSoE network safety profile that meets SIL3 requirements


Control system safety

Network security certification according to ISA/IEC 62443