iCube Control is the open automation machine control technology solution that gives everyone, including engineers, application developers, machine builders and designers, total control over their systems, delivering:
  • Program in IEC61131-3, along with other high-level languages
  • Collaborate securely across teams and geographies
  • Choose from a wide variety of Yaskawa servo techology matched to your application
  • One machine controller and one software engineering tool for Motion, Logic, Safety, HMI and Robotics
  • Scale controller features to meet your specific application requirements
  • Easily integrate additional components with open network communications
  • Engineered to ensure the highest quality long-term product life cycle
  • Integrated FailSafe over EtherCAT® for a complete machine safety solution
  • Secure controller communications and web-based management
  • Expert engineering resources, from design to development
  • Quick, nimble and thorough response, from concept to implementation
  • Delivered by Yaskawa, the world's largest manufacturer of robotics automation systems


iCube Diagram
guy pointing Yaskawa

Whether you want the flexibility of open system design, the scalability of modular system integration or the certainty of security and safety—you get it all with the iCube Control platform. With one controller, built to perform impeccably over the life of your system.

Yaskawa machine control background

iCube Control is the adaptable, powerful platform that adapts to your personal needs, working methods and ideas. It combines these four separate systems into one:


EtherCAT master for all motion control and logic functions.
Program using IEC61131-3 or other high-level languages.


Integrated FailSafe over EtherCAT master meeting SIL3 requirements. Program machine control and safety in a single software engineering tool.


The Singular Control architecture allows for programming of articulated robots and standard mechanisms with the same PLCopen function blocks.


Integrated HMI deveopment for HMI applications running with remote panels via OPC UA or running locally on the controller via a web server.